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Custom Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire)

Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire)

Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire)

Product Introduction:

Product Specification: 0.08mm-2.5mm

Tin-plated copper clad copper wire (T-CCC wire) is a new type of composite material with low carbon steel as the core wire and oxygen-free copper layer and pure tin layer uniformly plated by mechanical method.

Due to the high material purity of each coating, the compactness between the copper coating and tin coating is good. It can be divided into soft state (a) and hard state (H).

  • Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire)
  • Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire)

Product Advantages:

Tin-plated copper clad copper wire (T-CCC wire) has high conductivity and magnetic conductivity of copper wire, high strength and bending performance of steel wire, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of tin, and high-temperature oxidation resistance.

In addition, due to its superior strength and weldability, bending resistance, and solder joint firm, vibration resistance is 3-6 times of pure copper wire, easy to automatic operation.

Application Fields:

1. Electronic components lead, jumper, RF cable core;

2. It is used for the production of braided wires, flexible connecting wires for electrical appliances, switching appliances, etc;

3. It is used for all kinds of shielded network cables and multi-core signal connection lines.

Product description:

Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire) is a sort of electric conductor that combines the properties of copper and tin. This twine is constructed with the aid of coating a layer of tin on the floor of a copper middle. The ensuing product well-knownshows the conductivity of copper at the side of the corrosion resistance and solderability of tin. This mixture makes T-CCC Wire suitable for various electrical and digital applications.
Here are some key capabilities and specs for T-CCC Wire with a product specification of zero.08mm-2.5mm:
Core Material:
The center fabric is copper, which is thought for its fantastic electrical conductivity.
Surface Coating:
The copper core is plated with a layer of tin. Tin plating offers the cord with extra benefits, together with corrosion resistance and more desirable solderability.
Diameter Range:
The wire is to be had in a range of diameters from 0.08mm to two.5mm. This extensive range lets in for flexibility in selecting the appropriate length for precise programs.
The copper middle ensures excessive electrical conductivity, making T-CCC Wire suitable for applications wherein efficient electric transmission is important.
Corrosion Resistance:
The tin plating provides a layer of corrosion resistance, defensive the copper core from oxidation and different environmental factors. This characteristic is specifically crucial in packages where the wire can be exposed to moisture or harsh situations.
Tin-plated surfaces are conducive to soldering, facilitating the relationship of the wire in numerous digital and electric assemblies.
T-CCC Wire is normally utilized in packages such as electronics, telecommunications, strength distribution, and automotive wiring, where a mixture of high conductivity and corrosion resistance is required.
Depending on the software and diameter, T-CCC Wire can showcase flexibility, allowing it to be without difficulty routed and mounted.
The wire may also follow industry standards and specifications to make certain its suitability for specific packages.
Company Profile

Changzhou Yuzisenhan Electronic Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Yuzisenhan Electronic Co., Ltd. offer 0.08mm-2.5mm Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire. We are Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire) Manufacturers and Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire) Suppliers. Our company has a number of production lines: domestic copper-clad steel, copper-clad steel inlaid in line, and copper-clad aluminum manufacturing has the strength of one of the manufacturers.

Our company has advanced copper-clad steel, copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad steel inlay line production equipment, and professional testing instruments, in the selection of raw materials, the use of excellent raw materials; At the same time, a complete quality assurance system has been established to ensure that the company's products are subject to strict quality control from raw materials to finished products. Our company has passed the 1s09000:2000 quality management system certification.


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Tin-plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire)

How is T-CCC Wire different from other types of wire?

T-CCC wire stands for "Teflon-Compensated Coaxial Cable" wire. It is a type of coaxial cable that is designed to have low signal loss and high impedance stability over a wide range of frequencies.
T-CCC wire differs from other types of wire in several ways:
T-CCC wire has a central conductor made of solid copper, surrounded by a layer of Teflon insulation, which is then surrounded by a braided shield and an outer jacket.
Teflon is a highly heat-resistant material that has excellent electrical properties, making it an ideal insulator for high-frequency applications.
The braided shield helps to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) that can cause signal degradation.
T-CCC wire has a low capacitance and high impedance stability over a wide range of frequencies, making it ideal for use in high-frequency applications, such as radio communications, microwave systems, and instrumentation.
T-CCC wire is more expensive than other types of wire due to the use of Teflon and the additional processing steps required to manufacture it.
T-CCC wire is a high-quality coaxial cable that offers superior performance in high-frequency applications.

What are the safety considerations when working with Tin-Plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire)?

When working with Tin-Plated Copper Clad Copper Wire (T-CCC Wire), there are several safety considerations that should be taken into account to avoid potential hazards:
Sharp edges: T-CCC wire can have sharp edges that can cause cuts and puncture wounds. Wear gloves when handling the wire to protect your hands.
Electrical shock: T-CCC wire can carry electrical current, and contact with a live wire can result in electrical shock or electrocution. Ensure that the power is turned off and that the wire is properly grounded before working with it.
Toxic fumes: When T-CCC wire is heated during soldering or other processes, it can release toxic fumes. Work in a well-ventilated area or use a fume extractor to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes.
Fire hazard: T-CCC wire is flammable and can ignite if exposed to high temperatures or flames. Keep the wire away from heat sources and do not use it near open flames.
Skin irritation: The tin plating on T-CCC wire can cause skin irritation in some individuals. Wear gloves when handling the wire to minimize skin contact.
Eye protection: Wear safety glasses when working with T-CCC wire to protect your eyes from flying debris or other hazards.
Proper disposal: T-CCC wire should be disposed of properly to avoid environmental contamination. Follow local regulations for the disposal of electronic waste.
By following these safety considerations, you can minimize the risks associated with working with T-CCC wire.