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Custom Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire)

Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire)

Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire)

Frequently FAQ for Copper Clad Copper:

1. What are the conductivity and resistivity of copper-clad copper?
A: the conductivity of copper-clad copper is about 25% ~ 30% of that of pure copper. The DC resistivity is about 0.055 ~ 0.065 at 20 ℃ Ω· mm2/m。

2. What is the elongation of copper-clad copper?
A: The diameter is 0.11mm and below, and the elongation is not less than 12%. The elongation of our specification is generally between 14% and 18%;
The diameter is 0.12 ~ 0.254 mm, and the elongation is not less than 15%. The elongation of our company is generally 18% ~ 25%;
If the diameter is more than 0.254mm, the elongation shall not be less than 20%. The elongation of our specification is generally between 22% and 28%.

3. What is the material and structure of copper-clad copper?
A: The copper-clad structure is that the brass surface is plated with a layer of red copper (that is, pure copper), and the main component of brass is a copper-zinc alloy.

4. What is the specific gravity of copper-clad copper?
A: The proportion of copper clad copper is about 8.3g/cm3

5. What is the copper content of copper-clad copper in your company?
A: Our copper-clad copper content is about 65%

6. What is the difference between copper-clad copper and pure copper?
A: This question can be answered from the following two aspects:
(1) Compared with pure copper, it has the advantages of being lightweight, low price and having good mechanical strength. Because of its light-specific gravity, its length is about 7% more than that of pure copper wire under the condition of equal wire diameter and weight. As a result, the product cost can be reduced, which is equivalent to the purchase of 1 ton of pure copper wire. Our products only need 920 kg, that is, 70 kg of material cost can be saved. According to the purchase price of 60 yuan/kg, the material cost can be saved by more than 4000 yuan per ton. Combined with the low price of copper clad copper, the total cost of the two products should be saved at least more than 10000 yuan. The higher the price of copper, the more savings.
(2) Compared with pure copper, the disadvantage is that the conductivity is not as good as pure copper.

  • Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire)
  • Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire)

Copper-clad copper (copper-plated copper) is a new generation of products based on copper-clad steel and copper-clad aluminum technology. It uses high-quality alloy copper wire as the base material and covers its surface with a layer of pure copper (red copper) through advanced copper plating technology. It is the preferred material for audio and video wires, electronic wires, and communication cables.


1) Compared with copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad copper has good oxidation resistance and tensile strength;

2) Compared with copper-clad steel, copper-clad steel has better conductivity and oxidation resistance.

Our company can provide the environmental RoHS report tested by SGS.

Copper-clad copper is mainly used in the following aspects:

1. It is suitable for some power lines and control cables with low resistivity requirements;

2. It is suitable for wire products whose resistivity should meet the requirements of national standards or UL. It can be mixed with pure copper in the proportion of about 20% - 30%;

3. Braided shielding layer for all cables;

4. It is suitable for medium and high-frequency signal transmission cables, such as shaft cable, audio, and video cable;

5. Communication cable for short-distance transmission.

Product description:

Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire) is a kind of electric conductor that includes a core of copper surrounded by means of a layer of copper cladding. This design combines the conductivity of copper with the enhanced sturdiness and fee-effectiveness of a copper-clad shape. The product parameters you furnished encompass the diameter variety of zero.12 to zero.254 mm and an elongation no longer much less than 15%.
Material Composition:
Core Material: Copper – This is the number one conductor that consists of the electrical modern-day.
Cladding Material: Copper – A layer of copper that surrounds the core, providing additional protection and mechanical electricity.
Diameter Range:
The wire has a diameter starting from zero.12 to zero.254 mm. This parameter is essential as it determines the dimensions and thickness of the cord, impacting its electric homes and programs.
Elongation is a measure of a material's capacity to stretch or deform earlier than breaking. In this situation, the elongation is certain to be not much less than 15%. Your corporation's elongation usually falls within the variety of 18% to 25%. A better elongation percentage commonly suggests better flexibility and resistance to breakage.
Company's Elongation Range:
The elongation values provided via our enterprise (18% to 25%) endorse that our CCC Wire offers stronger flexibility and ductility as compared to the minimum requirement of 15%. This can be wonderful in applications in which the cord may additionally go through bending or flexing.
CCC Wire is normally used in diverse electric and electronic programs wherein high conductivity is crucial, including in power cables, verbal exchange cables, and wiring for electronic devices.
Benefits of Copper Cladding:
Combining a copper core with a copper cladding gives the twine with the super electric conductivity of copper whilst making the most of the enhanced mechanical homes and cost performance of the cladding.
Overall, Copper Clad Copper Wire is a flexible and broadly used fabric in the electric industry, imparting a balance between electric overall performance and mechanical power. The exact parameters make sure that the wire meets positive standards for diameter, elongation, and universal first-rate.
Company Profile

Changzhou Yuzisenhan Electronic Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Yuzisenhan Electronic Co., Ltd. offer 0.12-0.254mm Copper Clad Copper Wire. We are Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire) Manufacturers and Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire) Suppliers. Our company has a number of production lines: domestic copper-clad steel, copper-clad steel inlaid in line, and copper-clad aluminum manufacturing has the strength of one of the manufacturers.

Our company has advanced copper-clad steel, copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad steel inlay line production equipment, and professional testing instruments, in the selection of raw materials, the use of excellent raw materials; At the same time, a complete quality assurance system has been established to ensure that the company's products are subject to strict quality control from raw materials to finished products. Our company has passed the 1s09000:2000 quality management system certification.


International system certification, effectively consolidate the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire)

How does Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire) perform in different environments, such as high temperatures or corrosive conditions?

Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire) is a type of wire in which copper is coated over a core of copper, providing benefits of both copper and copper-clad steel. CCC wire is generally known for its high conductivity and durability.
In terms of performance in different environments, CCC wire can generally withstand high temperatures well. Copper itself has a high melting point of 1,085°C, and the copper coating on the wire provides additional protection. However, the specific performance of CCC wire at high temperatures will depend on factors such as the thickness of the copper coating and the composition of the core.
In corrosive conditions, CCC wire may be susceptible to oxidation or other forms of corrosion. However, the copper coating on the wire provides some protection against corrosion, and the overall resistance to corrosion will depend on the thickness of the copper coating and the specific environment in which the wire is being used.
It is worth noting that different grades of CCC wire may have different performance characteristics in high temperature or corrosive environments, and that the specific application of the wire will also impact its performance. In general, it is best to consult with a manufacturer or supplier of CCC wire to determine its suitability for a particular application and environment.

What applications is Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire) best suited for?

Copper Clad Copper Wire (CCC Wire) is typically used in applications where high conductivity and good corrosion resistance are required. The copper coating on the wire provides a protective layer, making it more resistant to corrosion than bare copper wire.
Some of the applications where CCC wire is commonly used include:
Electronics: CCC wire is commonly used in electronics applications such as transformers, inductors, and motor windings due to its high conductivity and good corrosion resistance.
Telecommunications: CCC wire is used in telecommunications applications such as coaxial cables and RF cables due to its ability to transmit signals with minimal signal loss.
Automotive: CCC wire is used in automotive applications such as wiring harnesses due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments.
Aerospace: CCC wire is used in aerospace applications such as avionics wiring due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.
CCC wire is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of applications where high conductivity and good corrosion resistance are required.